Church Announcements – September 9

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ATTENTION!!!  RETIRED SCHOOL PERSONNEL Join the Cumberland County Retired School Personnel (CCRSP) for our monthly meetings held every second Monday starting September 10, 2018, 10:00 am at the ERC. For more information, contact Sis. Sandra Oliver – (910) 850-7967 or Sis. Affie Sawyer – (910) 670-3415.

*If you would like to purchase a Life Members Stole; Red, Purple, or Heart for Missions Pin, the stoling will take place during Annual Conference in November at Simon Temple.  Order forms are available in the vestibule and in the church office.  Forms must be completed and returned by October 7th. You must already have a red stole in order to purchase a purple stole.


Sep 10, 17 & 24— New Members Classes will be held in the New Fellowship Hall at 6:00 pm.  Part 1 – September 10th, Part 2 – September 17th, and Part 3 – September 24th.  Please visit: to sign up.


Sep 11— The Simon Temple Cancer Support Group meeting will be held in the classroom in the New Sanctuary at 6:30 pm.  POC:  Bro. Darryl Patrick


Sep 11— Men’s Empowerment will be held in Kingdom Plaza at 6:30 pm.  Come and receive powerful insight from the book, “Six Battles Every Man Must Win” by Bill Perkins.  All men are invited to attend this awesome fellowship experience and we ask everyone to encourage a man of God that you know to attend!


Sep 15— Simon Temple will host The Fayetteville District Conference and the Pre-Check-up meeting beginning at 9:00 am.


Sep 17— The Simon Temple Usher Board will be conducting its 4th quarterly meeting in the New Sanctuary at 6:00 pm.  All Senior and Adult Usher Board members are required to be in attendance.


Sep 19— Quarterly meeting for all class leaders at 5:45 pm in the Old Fellowship Hall.  All class leaders are expected to be present and on time.  POC: Bro. Ronnie VanDyke, Leader of Leaders


Sep 19— The Widows & Widowers Ministry meeting will be held in Conference Room B at 6:00 pm.


Sep 23— Dr. Sandra Gadson, International President of the WHOMS (Women’s Home & Overseas Missionary Society) will be the guest speaker at the Mission Day program at Simon Temple for a Candlelight Service at 4:00 pm.  Everyone is invited.  Please wear your red or purple stole and bring a small light.


Sep 28-29— The Women of Excellence 10-Year Commemorative Celebration will be held on September 28-29, 2018.  Tickets are on sale now.  Purchase them online, in the vestibule after both services, or in the church office.


Oct 6— The Simon Temple Men of Zion Picnic will be held at the Ministry House on the first Saturday in October from 11:00am -3:00 pm.