Admin. Assistants:
Sis. Carolyn Monroe
Sis. Rebecca Gentry
Sis. Mary King
Bro. Dennis Sutton


Executive Pastor


Ministry Leaders

Trustee Board Chair: Bro. Harrison Campbell

Steward Board
Pastor’s Steward: Bro. Quincy Sinclair


Class Leaders
Leader of Leaders: Rev. Ronnie VanDyke

Deaconess Board President: Sis. Grace Greene

Department of Evangelism Chair: Rev. Geneva Anderson

Quarterly Conference Secretary: Sis. Joanie Rodriguez

Ministry of Kindness Treasurer: Sis. Rebecca Gentry

Layman Council President: Sis. Queen Degraphenreid

Christian Education Department Director: Sis. Sarah Wilson


Music Department
Minister of Music: Bro. Gregory McPherson

Bookstore Manager: Sis. Mary King & Bro. Dennis Sutton

Church Sunday School
Superintendent: Sis. Kathy Lowe-Northe


Missionary Society
President: Sis. Affie Sawyer

Nursery Committee
Sis. Sarah Wilson

Kitchen Committee
Chair: Bro. David Ward , Bro. Willie Meeks, Bro. Rodney Price

Director of Ushers


Senior Usher Board
President: Vacant


Adult Usher Board
President: Sis. Barbara Williams

Junior Usher Board
Advisor: Sis. Terry Hamm, Sis. Barbara Williams


New Member Committee
Director: Sis. Rebecca Gentry
Children’s Director: Sis. Betrice Young

Church Photographers
The Photography Ministry



Outreach Ministries

Meals on Wheels
Wealth Empowerment
Singles / Married / Single Parent / Divorced / Widow(er) Ministries
Prison / TAN Ministry
Wives Empowerment
Women’s Empowerment
Joshua Generation
Daughters of Excellence
Good Samaritan Ministry
Department of Evangelism
Men’s Empowerment, Men of Zion
Ministry House
(Food Pantry & Clothing Closet)
The Bereavement Support Group
Deployed Spouses Ministry
G.A.P. – Grandparents As Parents
The Cancer Support Group


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Rev. Felica R. Thompson
First Lady

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